Hey, Everyone! I just recieved a ton of helpful writing resources from Rochelle Smit (part of the AMM or Author Mentor Match feedback). Rochelle Smit is a romance writer.

“Something I am encouraging everyone to do (It’s also the very first homework assignment for my mentee) is to reverse outline their book into a romance beat sheet. I think this is SOOO helpful to locate areas that could be stronger/more fleshed out/more tension added, etc.

Here are just a few links that help me out as I worked on my writing on a craft level and like to take a peek at when I go through and edit! For books, I love: Save The Cat Writes A Novel, Story Genius, and I never write without The Emotion Thesaurus open at my side! It is SO helpful with showing emotions both externally and internally!”

The following list is a list of links to other helpful resources for writers:







Q: Have you used any of these resources before? The only ones I was familiar with are Save The Cat Writes A Novel, The Emotion Thesaurus, and Diana Urban’s website because I’m a fan of hers. If you’re also a writer, what are some of your essential writing resources? My other two favorite resource books are: Juicy Writing by Brigid Lowry and Dear Ally, How Do You Write a Book by Ally Carter!

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