WandaVision via GIPHY / The show airs only on Disney +.

Here’s What I Loved

In the first episode when Vision first appeared my immdiate thought was…. HOW? Is this all a dream that Wanda’s having? The series opens up to Wanda and Vision living as newly weds in Westview, New Jersey.I have to admit I was intrigued and confused by the time the episode ended. But, I wanted to know more after that cliff-hanger ending in episode one so I kept watching. The storyline and the pacing really picked up as the episodes went on. I loved seeing Monica as an adult and Darcy’s a doctor now!! It was like everything kind of came in a full circle. I also loved seeing the S.W.OR.D. agent Jimmy. I also loved the bitter-sweet ending, with a few exceptions. The plot twist was perfect especially since I didn’t see it coming and I usually guess plot twists. Make sure to tune into the very end for the post-credit scene.

Here’s What I DIDN’T LOVE

I won’t give any major spoilers, but I didn’t like how there were some storylines that felt too rushed or slightly unfinished. I really wish it wasn’t titled as a series finale, because I would’ve loved to see a season 2! But, maybe there’ll be a part two or a spin-off of it. I know Wanda will show up in the new Dr.Strange film so I’m eager to see how that unfolds.

My Rating

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