1. Suspicious Partner

Suspicious Partner via Giphy

This is a K-drama I started back when I was in Sri Lanka two years ago because it was on Netflix there and then I couldn’t remember where I left off so I’d need to see it again.

2. The King’s Avatar

This is a drama I started pre-Ramadan and I intend on finishing it after! It’s perfect for fans of the Chinese Drama Love 020 or for those who love gaming! Even if you’re not a fan of gaming I still highly recommend it.

3. Extraordinary You

Extraordinary You via GIPHY

I’ve been meaning to watch this one for awhile and I can’t wait to see it. If you’re a fan of True Beauty, you’re going to love this!

4. W: Two Worlds

W: Two worlds via GIPHY

I still can’t believe I haven’t seen this one yet! Especially since one of my favorite actors- Lee Jong Suk is in it so I know it’s going to be an incredible drama. If you haven’t seen any of his dramas I recommend starting with While You Were Sleeping which is also on Hulu or you can watch it on Kiss Asian!

5. A Love So Beautiful

A Love So Beautiful via GIPHY

This was another one that I started Pre-Ramadan and I plan on finishing after Ramadan. It’s a story about a young girl who gets a crush on a guy but it’s unrequited for a long time. Still- the girl is persistent and never gives up. In addition, the actress is the same one from Meteor Garden. This K- drama is on Netflix and it was initially a C-Drama if I’m not mistaken!

Question for the Readers

Do you watch K-Dramas? If yes, what are some of your current faves? Also, if you’ve seen any of these please let me know which drama I should watch first!

True Beauty via GIPHY

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