Amina’s Song book with fairy lights and a tapestry in the background.

I love that Amina is proud of who she is and she’s proud of where she came from which is incredibly refreshing to see in a fictional book so I would highly recommend this to anyone!! Amina wants to share her culture with other students in the US at her new school. She grew up in Pakistan but moved to the U.S. where U.S. students are under the impression that Pakistan is a violent place. I love that the author Hena Khan put an emphasis on embracing your culture even when others are racist towards you or make fun of you for your culture and religion. As a Muslim reader this is incredibly heartwarming to read. Although it’s a Middle-Grade book that’s meant for a younger audience I think this is great for anyone who wants to learn about Islam through a fictional book.

Disclaimer: I was gifted a copy in exchange for my reflection as an #OwnVoices reviewer.

Check out my brief review on GoodReads:

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