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After Season One, my expectations for this show sky rocketed because of how good it ended up being especially for a Disney + show. The following is a spoiler discussion so please keep that in mind if you’re planning on reading the rest of this!

Okay, moving on this season covered a hell of a lot but here are some of my favorite moments:

  • Portwell realizing their feelings for each other!
  • The second chance song.
  • Honestly the entire soundtrack was incredible.
  • Seeing all of the relationships flourish and I knew what was going to happen with Ricky and Nini’s relationship so that wasn’t much of a surprise.
  • Ricky giving Miss Jenn his blessing. This showed Ricky’s character development and it must have been a really difficult thing to do as well.
  • I felt for Ricky during his breakup. He thought he’d always be with Nini and unfortunately things didn’t work out.
Joshua Bassett as Ricky in High School Musical The Musical The Series is wrapped in an orange knit blanket via GIPHY.


A white man is holding a duck and the caption says Drum Roll Please via GIPHY

and now for the cons!

  • When I first heard that Jordan Fisher was going to guest star in it I was excited until I saw what his character came to do. Not a fan of his character in this one. He’s an absent sibling so why on earth would he know how Gina actually feels?
  • Miss Jenn is supposed to be a teacher and is telling one of her students to just jump off something 🤦‍♀️
  • Lily’s character the entire season & poor, Naive Ricky!
  • Nini also had her moments when she irritated me but she kind of redeemed herself when she was trying to hype everyone up in time for the show.
  • Ricky telling Miss Jenn who she could and couldn’t date. Luckily the kid realized his mistake in the end and didn’t act like Devi from Never Have I Ever when she found out her mother was seeing someone.
  • Why was the kiss between Gina and EJ cut? My guess is that it’s due to the actress’s age and I hope that’s the only reason. Maybe we’ll get a real one in Season 3.
  • Why the hell was the play cut short? I wanted to see Ashlyn as Belle and Ricky as The Beast. We saw so many rehearsals – I wanted to see the real thing too.
  • Why did they decide to drop out of the Menkes? I get that they thought they weren’t good enough but they were letting go of a $50,000 cash prize?
Ross saying Why, why would you do that? Via GIPHY

Overall Thoughts: This was a fun season – definitely not as good as Season 1, but it was still pretty decent! I hope Season 3 has a better storyline and isn’t as rushed.

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