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Devi says “Oh My God!” Via GIPHY

I’m probably not the only one who has mixed feelings about Never Have I Ever. I’ll start with the good and end with the bad.

The Good

Paxton and Devi are sitting down and smiling at each other via GIPHY

I loved seeing Paxton’s story this season! Paxton has his faults like blaming Devi for when he failed that exam and inviting her on a date when his friends were also there; but viewers get to see a different side to the popular jock.

For the most part I really liked all of the side characters. Devi’s friends- especially Fabiola is great! I also liked Ben up to a point. I also loved seeing Eleanor interact with her dad and new step mom. It was also cool to see Faviola’s relationship with her mom and significant other. I also liked her relationship with her cousin!

Devi’s mom’s character growth was phenomenal this season! I also adored Paxton’s sister, Lily. Gigi Hadid was hilarious as the voiceover for Paxton.

Gigi Haddid is smiling via GIPHY

Devi is still dealing with the aftermath of her father’s death and the grief is real. She’s listening to her father’s voicemails on her phone because she doesn’t want to forget how her dad’s voice sounds. I thought this storyline was going to be brief, but I liked how it tied into each of the episodes even until the very end. Devi’s therapist is one of my favorite side characters. She’s incredibly supportive and has a fantastic sense of humor!

The Bad

Never Have I Ever Netflix show via GIPHY

Eleanor leaving her friends for some guy she doesn’t really know. Kind of reminds me of when Bella would leave her friends whenever Edward showed up.

Bella swan enters biology class in Twilight via GIPHY

Not going to lie Devi was a mess this season. She goes from dating two guys she supposedly cares about and she can’t seem to be happy when her mom is finally trying to move on with another guy. Everyone grieves differently, but I was hoping that by season 2 viewers would get to see Devi grow up a bit.

What she did to Aneesa was the worse. I get that she’s a teenager and teens make mistakes but this was just one too many. I know teens with better sense than Devi. I didn’t like Aneesa’s representation as a Muslim. Would it kill Netflix to have a character that is unapologetically Muslim? Like Hana from Hana Khan Carries On or Zayneb from Love from A to Z.

Asian Representation Matters via GIPHY

Aneesa is less of a hot mess in comparison to Devi. I loved her character and how her storyline wasn’t related to Islamophobia. Instead, Devi spreads a rumor about her and it turns out that the rumor is a harsh truth. Damn, Devi you really love messing up other people’s lives.

Season 3 Thoughts

– I hope Devi finally learns to appreciate her culture.

– I also hope she learns to become a better friend.

– I would love to see Paxton hanging out with her friends and a meet the parents dinner.

– Ben tries to win her back.

– A new guy comes in but he ends up with Aneesa. He’s also a Muslim and they have an enemies to lovers trope.

– Devi makes up with Aneesa and learns to deal with her mom dating.

Final Thoughts: Overall, it was a fun show to binge-watch. I just hope Season 3 is better.

What about you via GIPHY?

Are you Team Ben or Team Paxton?

Got any comments or predictions for Season 3? Let me know in the comments down below 🌸

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