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MC = Main Character.

Ronan will not be listed out of respect for Ronan and his family.

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1. State of Grace

State of Grace- Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “And I never (Never) saw you coming / And I’ll never (Never) be the same.”

Prompt: A book you didn’t see coming, one that ended up being better than expected.

2. Red

Red (Taylor’s Version)

Lyrics: “But loving him was red / (Red, red) / (Red, red).”

Prompt: A book you love with a red cover

3. Treacherous

Treacherous (Taylor’s Version)

Lyrics: “I’ll be smart to walk away / but you’re quicksand.”

Prompt: A book you couldn’t help but read in one sitting.

4. I Knew You Were Trouble

I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor’s Version)

Lyrics: “And I realize the blame is on me / ‘Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in”

Prompt: A book you ended up not liking, one that was more trouble than it was worth.

5. All Too Well

All Too Well- Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “I remember it all too well.”

Prompt: A book you remember everything about.

6. 22

22- Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22.”

Prompt: Turn to page 22 or 22% of the last book you read and share the first few lines.

7. I Almost Do

I Almost Do- Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “Every time I don’t, I almost do, I almost do.”

Prompt: A book on your TBR you keep passing over. You almost read it. You almost do…

8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor’s Version

Prompt: A trope you used to like but can no longer read anymore.

9. Stay Stay Stay

Stay Stay Stay – Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “No choice but to / stay, stay, stay.”

Prompt: A book that made you mad but you couldn’t help but finish it.

10. The Last Time

The Last Time- Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “This is the last time I’m asking you why.”

Prompt: The last book that hurt you.

11. Holy Ground

Holy Ground – Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “Spinning like a girl in a brand new dress/ We had this big wide city all to ourselves.”

Prompt: Find a book that’s located in a different city than the one you live in.

12. Sad Beautiful Tragic

Sad Beautiful Tragic- Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “Distance, timing, breakdown, fighting.”

Prompt: A book with a messy breakup.

13. The Lucky One

The Lucky One- Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “And your lover in the foyer doesn’t even know you.”

Prompt: Find a book where the MC has a crush on the main love interest but the main love interest has no idea.

14. Everything Has Changed

Everything Has Changed – Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “And your eyes looking like coming home.”

Prompt: A book that contains the Childhood friends to lovers trope.

15. Starlight

Starlight- Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “He said, ‘Look at you, worrying too much about things you can’t change.’”

Prompt: A book that has a love triangle trope.

16. Begin Again

Begin Again- Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “I’ve been spending the last eight months
Thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end/ But on a Wednesday in a café, I watched it begin again.”

Prompt: A book where the MC doesn’t believe in love and falls in love with the main lead.

17. The Moment I Knew

The Moment I Knew – Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “As I comb back through my memory/ How you said you’d be here.”

Prompt: A book where the MC is disappointed by the main love interest.

18. Come Back… Be Here

Come Back… Be Here – Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “I guess you’re in London today.”

Prompt: A book set in London.

19. Girl At Home

Girl At Home- Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “So don’t look at me you’ve got a girl at home.”

Prompt: A book where the main love interest is a flirt.

20. State of Grace (and this includes the Acoustic version too)

State of Grace- Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “Mosaic broken hearts
But this love is brave and wild.”

Prompt: A book where the MC has a broken heart.

21. Better Man

Better Man- Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “I’m probably better off alone/ than loving a man who didn’t know what he had when he had it.”

Prompt: A book where the main lead puts herself first.

22. Nothing New

Nothing New – Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “Will you still want me when I’m nothing new?”

Prompt: “A book where the MC is not special.”

23. Babe

Babe- Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “What about your promises, promises?”

Prompt: A book where the main couple makes a promise to each other.

24. Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle – Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “’Cause you could be the one that I love
I could be the one that you dream of!”

Prompt: A book where the MC has a crush so intense that it feels like that person could be the one.

25. I Bet You Think About Me

I Bet You Think About Me- Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “I bet you couldn’t believe/When you realized I’m harder to forget than I was to leave.”

Prompt: A book where the guy is pining for the girl or regrets breaking up with the main lead.

26. Forever Winter

Forever Winter -Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “I’ll be summer sun for you forever/ Forever winter if you go.”

Prompt: A book about finding the right person at the wrong time.

27. Run

Run- Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “Darling, let’s run/ Run from it all.”

Prompt: A book where the couple escapes or runs away together.

28. The Very First Night

The Very First Night- Taylor’s Version

Lyrics: “I miss you like it was the very first night.”

Prompt: A book where the MC is pining for the main lead. Bonus if they’re both pining for each other.

29. All Too Well – The 10 Minute Version

All Too Well -The Short Film

Lyrics: “Photo album on the counter, your cheeks were turning red.”

Prompt: A childhood book that’s left a lasting impact on you.

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